I will be sharing general trading principles and basics behind technical analysis. It will include information from Masters and from myself. I am working on how to present the information, as it is all there, but needs to be coherently laid out. It will take many weeks to cover all the topics, but this section will include (not necessarily in order):

Investing Principles of Warren Buffet - Not so much a look a value investing, but more about the wisdom behind his choices
Growth Principles of William O'Neil - a look at the CAN SLIM concept and finding breakouts. To me, his information is even more useful producing ROI than Warren Buffet.
Fibonacci Lines - How to draw them, and how to determine whether it is support or resistance.
Bollinger Bands - What they mean, how they help determine a relative sense of what is happening. These are a staple to my technical analysis.
Candlesticks and Patterns - Which candles to expect at the beginning and end of bear and bull runs, and which commonly seen patterns suggest which type of market.
Elliot Wave Theory - I am not as experienced at this as I wish I was in this field, but I have found it useful in timing many of my own trades and will share what I can. 
Oscillators - There are many good ones (MACD, RSI, STO, Williams, even Bollinger Bands to a degree), and I would like to share the calculations behind them, what they mean and more importantly how to use them.
Algorithms - On my own, I have made literally hundreds of algorithms, most of which did not beat the market, but  I have a handful that did. Similar to mining for gold, a small percent make up for the rest. I suppose just like a magician, no one should share his best secrets. I may cover a few basic ones that work, or at bare minimum explain how to create and test a hypothesis and then take your best and combine them into a complex algorithm. Then comes the hardest part.... applying and sticking with it. Algorithm trading can cause some awful short term pain, but has killer long term gain. Depends on your intestinal fortitude and willpower.
Physics and Trading - Physics offers a lot of insights into trading. This includes Einstein's theory of relativity,  Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and the particle shell, a ball in flight as a reference to price momentum, and influences that cause misdirection.
Statistics and Risk - Hey, let's face it, you are not gonna retire next year and whatever trading plan you have better make it for 20-30 years. Money is in shorter supply than opportunities. 
Ratios and Arbitrage - Ratios with static signal points are cool because they occur in real-time, while oscillators lag in response a little. Ratios can offer insight into the psychology of the market and we will find ways to make it range bound so that we can make an actionable trade against it.
Miscellaneous - Other random musings that I have found that worked.

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