Again, while a virtual trade and not real, it is important to document your decisions and why things worked or did not. This would have been a safe bet, but we are playing against the market. Swimming against riptides is always a bad choice. Again, while not a real transaction, I would have probably only taken a 6-12 point (1-2%) loss before letting a stop-loss kick in. 200 days moving averages are about a safe a play as possible, and it is not to say it will not go back up next week, but again it is against the tide.

I usually do not have a true stop-loss entered, as price spikes are so common, that they will trigger it and run the other direction, but I will check pricing every 15-20 minutes at work to keep tabs. I do not hesitate to take a loss. We are swing traders and stuff happens. It's a game of probability and discipline. 

This was not a break-out or growth stock choice, as IBD has AAPL rated an 'E'. It was a probability play against the 200 day. 

The reason real money was not used in this trade, was that it was going against the bearish market trend.

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