STARTED 11/2: I have been waiting on a good short set-up. I could have, should have, would have, but totally didn't short the market early today. Looking at past history, SPY made always made it back up to the top of the first std dev Bollinger Band. I figured today would have been up, faded and possibly came out a doji, and that was the set up I had been looking for. While I am not ecstatic about my buy point, I do not think today's rout was a one-and-done and both SPY and XIV exceeded average volume. We should approach three targets 140.4, 139.4 and potentially 138.4. I will post more tonight.

UPDATED 11/6: Sold today, tomorrow is a big day with lots of unknowns. Weekly points mildly down, Daily points strong up, Hourly Points strong down. We are sitting right on the 20 day EMA. So if you can't get a read on the market, don't gamble. We are in a bear market with QE rolling. Volume started thin and from what I could tell an HFT spike around 10-ish got the bull rolling. 

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