Personally, if I could wrap up your best decision today, bring lots of fresh underwear if you have any position in the market. This is a critical hold point and expect a battle for bull/bear dominance. Expect tactical routs to happen only to pour on the volume en force. I am in 100% bull today. I believe in my TA, and I am going to wait out a tough ride.

On the subject of the 200 day line. It's nice when it's clean and pretty, it touches quickly and is rejected fast but that's just not the way it works in bear markets. I would not be shocked to see today go south before the end, even though we are up as I write this. The bears snuck in a last second ditch effort to drop under the 200 day. If you have to be sneaky to get it, you may scare the casual investor, but anyone with experience knows that a battle there must be waged. You can't simply walk past the 200 day.

Until the end of Monday, I will not be watching price all that much. The battle should be back and forth, and since we did ample TA beforehand, now as spectators we watch WITHOUT panicking. But, just in case... bring that fresh pair of boxers. :)

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