This is the frustrating part of being patient and waiting for proper entry points. Grinding 3rd waves are slow and you just have to wait for it to finish once you get out to take a profit. The market has had every opportunity to correct 1-2%, but the bears are almost absent. Well, like every war story ever told, you do need to fear the silence. Peaceful days/weeks were set-ups for ambushes, and frankly, at this point I am just waiting. The market is extended 7% over it's 200 SMA and that's about the max that I have seen in a year before some correction hits. The bullish percentages are higher on all indices than prior to the fall in May 2012. The number of days extended are getting back in the 2010 range, when the market did this for a few months prior to the flash crash. Personally, I do not trust an overextended market with a sub 15-VIX that will not touch it's 20 day EMA. You cannot capture every movement in the market, so no need to chase. This is a long investor's market, not easy for swing traders.

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