9:28 AM - I am still working on new targets at the moment, but here is a look at Put/Call Ratio. This is contrarian in nature so top BB pierces signal likely buying areas. Additionally, $CPCE is above it's avg, and $VIX 10 day Bollinger broke the top of it's band, but RSI(5) is only 65, could go to 75 if pushed hard. FYI, I finally found a good use for another frequencies besides 14 on RSI. Thanks to Mojo on this one.

Bottom line is this. The market is crazy and I feel it's being purposefully manipulated right now. You can see the expansion of the BB in the chart below. That tells the emotional volatility is spiking. Price can go either way, but I feel the powers-that-be are driving the market towards a crash, but this still is not it. 

I am working on new targets. Maybe daily high BB 144.80, maybe still the 61.8 fib at 134.88, maybe the Elliot upper wave target around 145.6 or the upper channel around 148. These are all potential candidates, but you have to watch price action and compare it to history to get a good vibe for what is the next likely move.

Yesterday was the first day in the market, I did not feel I knew what would happen next. It was either going to be a decent move up or down. Right now I favor up, but without an end target. My gut tells me to watch the top BB at 144.80, but we will see.

IWM posted a MACD 0 crossover and SPY will post one today. These are hard buy signals to some TA guys and some algos. At bare minimum many programs will be triggered to notify speculators and put it up on their screen.

Lastly, this is a cash opportunity. Day Traders can make money in this, but not swing traders. We are overbought, stochastic osc is way overbought and the run is extended. $VIX:$VXV is something like 93.4%, which is WAY high, indicating a correction brewing. It does not mean that the market is going down today, but it is a strong warning not to get sucked into bull. Lastly, this F.C. thing will not end nicely. This run-up will cause a sell-off no matter what the outcome. "Sell the news". I think if Washington pushes the issue much longer, the market will take no answer as a bad answer as well. 

We may not get a fair warning to get out before the   

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